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Posted by Paul Regensburg on Jul 1, 2013 11:03:00 PM

"Designed by Apple in California," Is it New Coke?

I've purposefully not consulted the blogosphere or Twittersphere to give myself the space to consider Apple's new brand campaign, titled "Designed by Apple in California." 

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Jul 12, 2012 4:13:00 PM

Capitalizing on a Trend: the merits of "Catvertising"

Catvertising is the future, and we're on board.

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Jun 14, 2012 10:38:00 AM

3 Steps to Building Brand Loyalty Using Social Media

There’s still concern in the B2B community about just how important social media is in creating and sustaining relationships with partners and clients. But when it comes to building brand loyalty online, social media is the most beneficial tool available.

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