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Jan 11, 2013 9:11:00 AM

Four Signs Your Marketing Strategy is Outdated

It's 2013 – do you know where your marketing is? The thought should scare you, a bit. Or at least scare you into action. Chances are, your prospects are online, and if they're not, they will be soon. In the meantime, there are still people online talking about your brand, services, successes, and shortcomings. Why risk your reputation by ignoring this community or by alienating them with outdated marketing techniques?

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Apr 18, 2012 3:38:00 PM

What Today’s Marketing Numbers Mean for Your B2B Business – Part 2: Social Media

Social media: Levi's had 40% growth in Facebook likes by adding individual like buttons to their products on their website

Social media can be daunting for B2B companies: how do we use it? Who monitors it? and what's the purpose? are common questions in getting started. But social media has proven itself time and time again as an awareness builder, a platform for client interaction, and an ROI-driven.

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Mar 28, 2012 11:06:00 AM

Illuminating Marketing Statistics from the NEDMA Marketing Technology Summit

Last week, we attended the New England Direct Marketing Association’s Marketing Technology Summit, and were treated to presenters from Google, Overdrive Interactive, HubSpot, Eloqua, and more. The conference centered on ways to utilize marketing technology to promote your brand, engage visitors, and create strong online relationships with future and current consumers.

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Mar 16, 2012 2:20:00 PM

Google Announces Long-Term Search Overhaul to Incorporate Semantic Search

Google announced yesterday that in the coming years the company will overhaul its search algorithm and results to incorporate “semantic search,” according to an article from the Wall Street Journal.

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Nov 16, 2011 3:28:00 PM

Creating a Google+ Brand Page: Experiments and Tips

On Monday, Google+ rolled out its brand pages for businesses, and while the social network has lost most of its steam since the initial hype, marketers are still rushing to create branded profiles.

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