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Mar 16, 2012 2:20:00 PM

Google Announces Long-Term Search Overhaul to Incorporate Semantic Search

Google announced yesterday that in the coming years the company will overhaul its search algorithm and results to incorporate “semantic search,” according to an article from the Wall Street Journal.

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Oct 28, 2011 12:00:00 PM

On the Subject of Search: the Difference between SEO, SEM, and "Search"

Search… or do you mean SEO? SEM? S.O.S?

Many people instinctually use the words "search" and "search engine optimization" interchangeably. This isn't wrong, necessarily, but it doesn't allow for the wider range of meanings within the ever-expanding world of search.

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Jul 17, 2011 4:49:00 PM

Google’s New +1 Button: SEO Friend or Frenemy?

These days, the race for the #1 spot on Google is tougher than the Tour de France. I've blogged in the past about the dangers of approaching SEO with the expectation of being #1, but that doesn't mean companies aren't any less hungry for a decent ranking.

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Posted by Paul Regensburg on May 31, 2011 4:33:00 PM

What the Demise of the Printed Phonebook Means to Your Business

Many technical innovations come out of San Francisco, but today may mark a different type of technological milestone. San Francisco's mayor, Ed Lee, today signed a law banning the unsolicited distribution of Yellow Pages in the city of San Francisco. While this seems to be the first actual law in the U.S. regarding unwanted phonebook distribution, there have been many grassroots movements in communities around the country requesting that local governments limit the number of phone books that are produced and distributed, including one in nearby Brookline, MA.

In short, we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the printed phone book. At the very least phone books are moving from the realm of the simply unnecessary to being perceived as actually wasteful and damaging. The demise of phone books may not be big news to anyone, but it's an interesting time to think about your business and how well you have been adapting to the times:

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Posted by Paul Regensburg on May 12, 2011 4:27:00 PM

Getting to #1 in Google, at What Cost?

On many occasions our clients say, "We want to be #1 in Google."This is a worthy goal, but too general to result in success. It does however, lead to interesting follow-up questions, like "For which search terms do you wish to rank?"

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